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Pack1: Panama Phase Bait boat with transmitter, 2set Lipo Battery, chargers, bags.

Price: £ 1319.00

Panama Speedy full pack:

Bait boat, transmitter, battery, chargers, bags.

Price: £ 770.00

Panama Phase Pack1 with built-in TF500 colour Fishfinder.

Price: £ 1719.00

Panama Phase Pack1 with built-in TF640 Fishfinder with built-in GPS and Compass.

Price: £ 2319.00

Autopilot system

Panama GPS Autopilot System (G.A.S.).

Range is 500m.

Price: £ 500.00

You can use your own android phone or tablet to see on map where your boat is. It works like a GPS based navigation. Also can pick up and save waypoints, and can leave baits at points you determine. It can automaticly goes through these waypoints, drop baits, and go back to the base. Contains G.A.S. hardware installed inside of boat, and Android software for your own phone or tablet.