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Panama Speedy

About Panama Speedy:

– We designed this boat especially for anglers

The carbon patterned shockproof plastic hull offers a more durable quality compared to fiberglass hulls

– The 12V 150W DC engine provides dinamism and remarkeable speed

– The boat has 2.5kg carrying capacity

– Seaweed protection grid made from stainless steel

– LED lighting which can be activated with the main switch but can be requested with separate switch

– It can be run for 5-8km-s with one charge

– The size of the boat: 75x35x24 cm

Price of full packet: 890 €


Full packet contains:

Bait boat, 1 battery for the boat, 1 transmitter, 1 pack of batteries for the transmitter, 1 charger for the boat and 1 charger for the battery of the transmitter, 1 bag for the boat and for the transmitter.

Warranty: 24 months

Warranty for +12 months: 150 €





Unique color

You can order the upper part of the boat in other colors! We can even make a unique crazy idea.

Base color at no extra cost: carbon – gold pattern.

Price: + 100 €

Price of Speedy equipped with fishfinder:

Panama Speedy (12V 7 Ah battery) + TF500 fishfinder: 1 430 €

Panama Speedy (12V 7 Ah battery) + TF640 fishfinder: 1 950 €


Price of Speedy equipped with fishfinder and autopilot system:

Panama Speedy (12V 7 Ah battery) + TF500 fishfinder + autopilot: 2 030 €

Panama Speedy (12V 7 Ah battery) + TF640 fishfinder + autopilot: 2 550 €


Prices include installation costs!

8 pieces of AA size “pencil” battery or battery should be inserted in the fishfinder battery compartment.

The fishfinder can be operated from the same 12V battery provided with a connecting cable.

For fishfinder, use a tripod for maximum range. Price: 30 €

Optional accessories for Speedy

3 in 1 module

With this electronics you will be really comfortable using the boat.  3 functions in 1 module.

1. Remote lighting switching and brightness control

2. Battery light and sound

3. Security Fail Safe electronics that stop the boat in the event of a loss of signal, then sound and light

Price: 60 €


It is switchable with controller. Suitable for lighting reed walls or buoys or other landmarks during night fishing. Do not look into it as it may cause eye damage! See detailed description below.

Price: 130 €


Front or rear camera that can be lowered into the water to a depth of 10m through the controller. You can switch between the cameras by the controller and see the image of the selected camera on the monitor at the shore.

Price: from 280 €

Spare Lithium-Polymer battery for Speedy

1/3 weight, full throttle 2x lifetime compared to 12V7Ah, quick charge

Charging is only possible with a Lithium-Polymer battery compatible charger!

Price: 125 €

Spare battery

Lead-gel battery with special polarity-protected connector.

12V   7Ah battery 25 €

12V   9Ah battery 35 €

Panasonic Enoloop Battery Charger for controller

Charger for 1900 mAh battery. We recommend it primarily for charging the controller battery, but it can also be used for other rechargeable batteries. Charging time for 4 batteries: 10 hours. Batteries are not included in the price.

Price: 18 €

Panasonic Enoloop Battery for controller (4 pcs)

1.2V AA 1900mAh battery, 2100x rechargeable. After 10 years, it is 70% rechargeable. It is sold primarily to the controller, but can also be used with other electrical devices.

Price: 18 €

Automatic battery charger for the boat
Thanks to the fully automatic voltage and current limitation, the connected battery is always optimally charged and conserves the battery.

Price: 25 €

Quick chargers

Quick Charger (90 Watt Power Supply, Charging Time: 3 Hours): 120 €
Quick Charger (with 240 Watt Power Supply, Charging Time: 1.5 Hours): 165 €

Cube charger with 50W power

50W Charging Power from 230V. Charging times: Big Pack battery 5 hours, Medium Pack 2.5 hours, Small Pack 1.5 hours. There is no need to make any adjustments to the charger. Charging starts with a single connection. Displays the charge level.

Price: 55 €

Li-Po charger

Charger for use with Lithium-Polymer battery with 30W power supply.

Price: 30 €

Tank cover

For dry PVA in rain!

The cover is secured to the boat with a strong Velcro fastener.

Price: 32 €

50 € (in colour of the boat)

Tank ramp

It gives the tank a steeper tilt, making it easier for grain to slide out.

Price: 19 €

Panama Speedy bag

Made of water-repellent material with a thick hard sponge lining. Can also be used as a backpack.

Price: 99 €

Accessory Bag

Everything fits: fishfinder, quick-charge power supply, 2 pcs Big Pack batteries, 1 pc 12V 7Ah battery, wires.

Price: 69 €

Fishfinder bag

It fits for any fishfinder.

Price: 25 €