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Panama Phase

Panama Phase bait boat appeared as a new product after several-year-long manufacturing experience. We planned it by involving boat engineers and professional anglers so that it can be adequate to get in the most possible amount of ground baits and fitments to improve the efficiency of angling.


The bait boat is equipped with a 700W engine, which can produce dynamics and speed above the average. It is more than necessary for an ordinary angling. It has a significant power reserve and it can be dependable even under extreme circumstances. It can cope with gale/stormy wind and 50 cm waves as well.

Remote controller:

The CE quality interference-free advanced 2,4 Ghz system has four channels and can be used legally. According to the circumstances it is able to have a 500 m range. Even 20 boats can operate next to each other without any disturbance.


The size of the boat: 75x35x24 cm

Carrying capacity: maximum of 2kg

2,4 Ghz interference-free remote controller with 500m Range

5-8 km with one charging

Shockproof plastic hull with carbon pattern

700W engine

Stainless shaft

Lipo battery with huge capacity

LED lighting front and back


Protection against seaweed

Price: £ 1319 (full packet)

Full packet contains: bait boat, transmitter, 2 lipo batteries, chargers, bags

Warranty: 24 months

Warranty for +12  months:£ 70