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What is a fishfinder? Why is it useful for bait boats?

Fishfinders are such instruments that omit ultrasounds towards the river bed in the water which reflecting back from the river bed senses if there are fishes nearby. It defines the water depth, the size, quantity of the fishes and their position relative to the water surface. In case of bait boats, a sonar is installed to the bottom of the boats of which transmitters transits the signals to the shore and the Coast unit receives the signals and shows them on the screen. So it’s not questionable why this gadget is so useful for anglers, because it makes the discovering of the water significantly easier, thus we can define more accurately where we should drop the baits and fish.

TF640 Fishfinder

TF640 is designed for bait boats. It has bulit-in high position accuracy GPS, digital wireless sonar and electronic compass. The GPS system let you guiding the boat to any waypoint you saved. The advanced sonar feature show you actual bottom condition and fish, and the electronic compass indicate the instant boat heading direction on screen which make it possible to operate the boat under bad condition, such as night, heavy fog, etc.

GPS Position Accuracy: 1m(filed test); RC Distance:300m; 500 Waypoint; Digital Wireless Sonar with 80ft depth range; Sonar frequency 455kHz; 4.3″ TFT with resolution 480*272Pixels; 65,536 color

Price: 899 €

TF500 Fishfinder

TF500 is 2.4GHz wireless fish finder for bait boats. Equiped with 4.3” TFT Color Display, 20 RF Channels and Operation Frequency of 115KHz. Range up to 300m, max. depth is 40m (130ft) and sonar coverage is 60 degree. Real time check of bait boat battery, and fish finder.

Price: 499 €