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Price: 600 € in case of buying a new boat

Follow-up installing is + 140 €


– 500 m operating range

– In case of losing signal or low battery it goes back to its starting point

– Functions can be added to the marked points (container opening, waiting, turning the lights on and off)

– It is compatible with Panama Speedy and Panama Phase boats

The pack contains:

– Installation of the system

– Free software for your own devices (smartphone or tablet)

– Smart transmitter

– Smartphone or tablet is not provided for the autopilot system

Panama’s autopilot system can be controlled by a unique software which provides great freedom for its user.

You don’t need to control the boat and look for the spot where you feeded before. This is only 1 button from now on…

Mark out on the map of the smartphone or tablet or with the button on the transmitter the desired feeding point, put the boat into the water with groundbait and attachments and lean back…

The boat will go along the marked route, drops the groundbait and the attachments. If you prefer you can bring a bottle of beer to the guy fishing on the opposite shore, wait for 30 seconds while he takes out the beer then you can return to your starting point.