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About us

We have been on the market since 2009 but our story started more than 20 years ago.

I started RC modeling in 1993 and I created my first bait boat in 1996. It has been my hobby for 23 years now. I have built RC boats, cars, helicopters, airplanes and drones yet. This is how my hobby turned into my job.

In the beginning we accepted the service of bait boats made by other companies. We serviced a lot of Chinese boats like Carp Academy, ET, Waverunner, Speedy Carp (a lot of them are on the market with other names). Lots of these Chinese boats went wrong and I got calls day by day about their repairs.

We also repaired homemade boats and we customised Beho and Angling Technics boats in order to give them better performance and safety.

Nowadays we only produce and repair our own Panama bait boats. We use 3D designer programs on computers and CNC machines so that we can create best quality products.

Panama Geoline Water Drone

We produced it especially for geodetic river survey. With the help of the boat the cm accurate GPS and sonar define the depth relaitve to sea level, which is transitted online to the coastal processing unit.

Panama in the air too

In 2015 I traveled to the Arabic world to introduce my self-built drone especially for cartographic tasks.

Bait Boats repaired by us

We repaired more bait boats made by other companies. For example Speedy Carp, Bait Cruiser, Lake Star, etc.