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Panama Baitboat. Hungarian product from Hungarian manufacturer with 2 years warranty.

Own design and production boat for demanding anglers.

Speedy and Pro1 models are available in unique colors!

Panama carbon
Panama hulk
Panama tree
Panama terep
Panama carbomb
Panama wood
Panama camo4
Panama blue hex1
Panama godzilla_jó
Panama pink gekko
Panama fish tattoo
Panama deep blue
Panama fuszal
Panama® Pro 1

…for speed freaks…


Technical data:

– Lithium battery

– up to 3 hours operating time

– Charging in up to 1 hour

– 700 W three-phase motor

– Range of 500 m

Ship size: 75 x 35 x 24 cm

Price: from 1 280 € (Full set)

Price and informations
Panama® Speedy

… specifically for boilies…


Technical data:

– maximum load capacity of 2.5 kg

– Protection against seaweed

– 5-8 km can be used with one charge

– Impact-resistant plastic hull with carbon pattern

Ship size: 75 x 35 x 24 cm

Price: from 890 €

Price and informations
Panama® Autopilot

Panama® Pro1:

The bait boat has appeared on the market after several years of development. The boat has been developed in collaboration with professional anglers and shipbuilders so that it can deploy the largest amount of feed, including assembly, and increase the efficiency of fishing.

The hull:

During the development of the hull the light flow resistance and the good shaft stability were tested. Thanks to this development, the boat can travel for 5-12 kilometers on one battery charge.


We recommend quality fish radar.

Advanced 2.4 GHz interference-free technology allows multiple fish finder to work side-by-side. Equipped with high-resolution color display. TF500, TF640, and TF740 fish radar charts that create a 3D bedrock map.

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If you have no power source, bring the Power Box with you. You can charge your phone, tablet or even your ship and light it. The advantage is that all connectors and switches are inside the box. You can use it in rain because it is waterproof.

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